IES Inhouse Enforcement Solutions is a division of Enforcement Bailiffs Ltd. We are pleased to announce that we have a new member of our teaching team. Former pupil of our Enforcement Agent Training Programme has become the newest member of our training team.

Let us introduce Daren Shaw.

After he had been a student of Andy Coates and completed his first course in 2007.

Daren first came into the industry as a bailiff after he had completed our Certificated Enforcement training.(Formally bailiff training.)

Years later and Daren is now a highly experienced Civil Enforcement Agent. He has worked in the enforcement industry for over 10 years. Daren started his career specialising in the Debt & Insolvency sector. He went on to manage teams across the Midlands. He has gained vast experience of dealing with the following aspects of the enforcement agent role:

·        Magistrates Courts,

·        High Court,

·        Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery,

·        Council Tax,

·        Non-Domestic Rates,

·        Lighthouse Duties,

·        HMRC and the Child Enforcement Commission.

As a Director of a Civil Enforcement company, Daren prides himself on providing high quality training. He aims to ensure that his extensive skill set and valuable experience in the field is passed on to a new generation of Enforcement Agents. We believe this will enable our future students to excel within the Industry.

Daren sits as a member of the Executive Council of the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association. He can often be found providing help and advice to Enforcement Agents across England and Wales via the forums and sites he administers with his own enforcement agent teacher, Andy Coates.

IES New courses for 2017

A debt recovery workshop

This is a half day workshop. It is designed to teach small business everything that they need to know about debt recovery and enforcement strategies that work including:

·        Credit checks

·        Pre litigation reports

·        Debt recovery letter cycles

·        New debt protocols

·        Letter before action

·        Late payment legislation

·        Using money claims on line

·        Insolvency

·        Trace

·        Enforcement of your CCJ


Process Serving and Open source enquires

Open source Enquiries (tracing)

·        Legal implications.

·        Use the web to locate people and find information

·        Basic tracing public databases and records

·        Tips that have been learned from experience

Process Serving

·        Different types of process

·        Terms of process

·        Legalities of process

·        How to complete a legitimate process serve

·        How to complete proof of service

·        Reports

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