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“Inhouse Enforcement Solutions” announces Debt Recovery Workshops at our three key training sites across the UK.

The workshops will cover all levels of Debt Collection giving the candidate a overview of the Collection industry including policies and processes needed to stay compliant with the “Civil Procedure Rules” for the “Pre-Litigation Process”.


  • Late Payment of Business Debt Legislation
  • Civil Procedure Rules
  • Debt Collection Processes
  • Reason Fees
  • Data Protection Act
  • Pre Litigation Process
  • Business Debt Collection
  • Individual Debt Collection
  • Standard Financial Statements

The workshop will give you foundation for dealing with non-complex debts and allow you to understand the processes required to stay compliant.

Course Sites.

  • London
  • Darlington
  • Stoke-on-Trent

For more information please contact

Telephone0208 090 2439
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