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Taking Control of Goods NVQ Level 2

Certificated Enforcement Agent
Become a Certificate Enforcement Agent,

Your questions answered
Read answers to common questions asked about becoming a certificated enforcement agent, previously called a Certificated Bailiff.

How much does the course cost?
The training course costs £504

How much can I earn?
Average earnings £700-750 per week: about £39,000 a year.

Earnings as a Certificated Enforcement Agent are always dependent upon geographical location, types of work undertaken and how good you are at the job.

How do I become a CEA?
To become a Certificated Enforcement Agent you must hold a certificate from the County Court.

You complete a training course **
Take and pass an examination Level 2 Proof of a qualification obtained in Taking Control of Goods to Level 2 or equivalent (recognised by a national awarding body).
An application to the court must be completed with two passport size photographs and pay the court fee.
Provide proof of no criminal record Data Baring Service check (previously called a CRB). **
Provide proof of no CCJ’s or bankruptcy, IVA etc. **
Provide two professional references from experienced and qualified persons in evidence of knowledge and character. **
Provide the court with the correct paperwork you intend to use.
Obtain and supply an insurance bond. **
Be interviewed by a district Judge to whom you must provide proof as to your knowledge and experience of:
the Taking Control of Goods process
the national standard
the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act
the Enforcement regulations and other Enforcement Agent Rules and Procedures
The Judge then grants your certificate for two years.
** As part of the course, we provide and assist you in obtaining these items.

Where will I get work?
We recruit for a number of large Enforcement Agencies and often have vacancies for Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) in most areas of the country. This is usually on a self-employed basis though occasionally we have vacancies for employed staff.

We will also give you information on where to get your own work.

Can I get training and certification with an employer?
Can I just look for a job as a Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) and get training and certification with my employer?

Anything is possible, however, most of the enforcement agencies are looking for currently certificated people to start work straight away.

Very few employers offer positions for trainees. And where this is the case, as you can imagine, there are 100’s of applicants for very limited vacancies.

Think about it like this: If you wanted to be a HGV driver you would need to get your HGV licence first, and then apply for a job. If you tried to get a trainee HGV driver job, it would be nearly impossible to find one. Companies are reluctant to invest in expensive training costs where the member of staff can walk away after completing the training and gaining the certification from the court.

Who can be a CEA?
Anyone from any background. It does not matter what sex, race, size or age (you must be over 18).

Certificated Enforcement Agents come from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Some are ex-Police or ex-Forces, but the vast majority are just ordinary people who wanted to do something interesting. We deal with ex-teachers, ex-lorry drivers, ex-sales staff and ex-financial services staff.

You need the ability and confidence to communicate professionally with people of all levels.

Training Course
New regulations introduced under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act require all Enforcement Agents to hold a level 2 or higher qualification.

Successful course attendees will learn the knowledge to be able to pass the exam which will meet the requirement.

As a general rule a level 2 qualification should have 40 guided learning hours and only about 16 hours of this would be done in a classroom. The other 24 hours should be made up of pre reading, revision and where possible practical experience.

This course involves some pre reading to gain prior learning before attending the classroom based part of the course. There are reading materials for revision based learning hours.

We are often able to provide some practical training shadowing an existing experienced Certificated Enforcement Agent, at an extra cost. Please speak to your course tutor after the course.

Training Location
The course is run in London, Stoke-on-Trent and Darlington.

Course Content
The course covers six learning outcomes:

Understand the role of enforcement agents within the enforcement profession
Including structure, functions of the role, terminology used, liaising with the other services including the Police, how and what fees are charged, and handling payments.
Understand the law relevant to enforcement agents
Including understanding the powers and duties placed by Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, the Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act, the statutes that govern using Enforcement Agents including Magistrates Court Act, Traffic Management Act.
Understand the practice of taking control of goods
How to take goods into control, exempt goods, rights of entry and re entry, third party ownership and disputes, documentation that needs to be used.
Understand the practice of removal and sale of goods
Process for removal of controlled goods, documentation to be completed for this process, methods of sale, implications of sale for all concerned.
Understand relevant aspects of customer care
How to give good customer care, requirements of the National Standards, recognising and dealing with vulnerable people, dealing with complaints, times and hours of visits.
Understand how to manage conflict situations
How to recognise conflict, how to diffuse conflict situations and how to reduce risks with conflict.
The course also covers:

Certificate application process
Obtaining a Data Baring Service check
Obtaining a County Court Judgment certificate
Preparing copies of forms you intend to use
How to obtain an Enforcement Agents Bond
Where to get work
This is a TWO day course to prepare you for the Level 2 qualification examination.

Cost £504 (including vat) per person

The course cost does NOT include accommodation at the training venue.

The course cost does NOT include the cost of the examination. You have to book the examination direct with the Institute of Credit Management. Please contact us for further information

Courses generally run once a month so attendees have the course fresh in their minds before taking the ICM examination which is held on the first Tuesday of the month.

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