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Customise the course

By utilising our fully experienced trainers, and you may be able to choose specialist topics to create a course tailored for the needs of your company.

Frontline Modules:

  • Enforcement Agent CPD (QEL)
  • Conflict Management (QEL)
  • The National Standards Workshop (QEL)
  • The National Standards & Safeguarding Workshop (QEL)
  • Pre Action Protocol Workshop (QEL)
  • Process Serving Workshop  (QEL)
  • Eviction & Intervention Level 2 (STA)

Back Office Modules:

  • Complaints & The National Standards (QEL)
  • Back office Guide to an Enforcement Agents Powers (QEL)

Cerifications & Awards

  • Taking Control of Goods Level 2
  • Eviction & Intervention Level 2 (STA)
  • Handcuff & Soft Cuff Restraint Level 2 (STA)

Organisation-wide standards

Because everyone learns at the same time, organisation-wide standards can be taught.

Emphasis on topics vital to your organisation

The same expert trainers who lead our regular courses can devote more time to those agenda topics you want emphasising.

Cost savings

For groups of 6 or more, you can expect to save substantially on regular course fees – the larger the group, the greater the savings.

Venue savings

Use your own training facilities and you save the training centre costs of public courses.

Travelling savings

Use training facilities near to your location and save the costs of staff travelling to our public course training centre’s in London, Midlands & North East.

Contact “IES Training” for more information on Bespoke training courses and In-house training courses.



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Taking Control of Goods Level 3

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